Trouble with Finding and Matching Records for Update using Integromat


I am having a lot of trouble with Integromat. I mainly use Zapier, but a client I am working with want s to use Integromat. I have tried two routes and keep running into the same problem. Ideally, this is how it will work - we have a form in Airtable set up to go to it’s own tab. We want to use Integromat to read that data, then search another tab within the same base in Airtable and then either create or update a record depending on whether or not it is already there. I know the problem I am having has to rely in the search portion of the setup. I want it to search based on the same field in both tabs, Participant Name, and have tried to set this up but it doesn’t seem to be working. When I test it with an existing record, it just starts updating a variety of existing records instead of the one that matches. I’ve tried writing a formula to filter it and then get met with an error every time. I saw a tutorial/template from Integromat to do this using Google Sheets as the origin, so I tried that as well thinking we could use Google Forms instead of Airtable Forms, but ran into the exact same issue. I’ve spent several hours searching for a solution/trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve contacted Integromat support and they only answered one of my questions. I’m not sure I can wait another couple of days for them to get back to me on the rest. Please help!



Integromat has a Community Forum on Facebook for users, perhaps you can try that.

This is the URL, keep in mind that, after you register, it will take overnight to be able to post. If you are interested, maybe I can post something for you, if that works out for you and I also don’t want to intrude:

Or search “Integromat Community” on facebook,

Or email me, if you want me to post something: