Trouble with IF formula to return blank cell


I have a column called “Type” with a single select for different options. I have another column that I would like to return a value for ONLY if the Type is “Video: PPT”. Otherwise, I’d like the cells in that column to remain blank. I’ve got the following formula:

{PPT Blank Due},
{Type}=“Video: PPT”, 7, BLANK()

It’s working correctly in that it is adding 7 days to the rows with “Video: PPT” but it’s still adding a value for all the other rows too. How do I get those cells to be empty? Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Just adding the solution here, in case anyone else had the same question:

IF({Type}=“Video: PPT”, DATEADD({PPT Blank Due}, 7, ‘days’), BLANK())