Troubleshoot: Form Data Not Being Recorded


I’ve set up a form and shared it to my website. I submitted a test form to make sure the data went through correctly, but it didn’t submit to the database. I can’t figure out how to resolve this issue. Help?


The standard first suggestion when anyone reports this sort of problem is to make sure you’re not using a filtered view to check whether the base was updated. (It happens more often than one would think — for instance, several nights ago, to me…)

If that wasn’t the problem, your best next step would be to provide a shared link to the base — Share/ Create a shared link to the whole base./ Shared read-only link/ make sure copying of data is permitted, and post the link here or, if you’re concerned about privacy, feel free to send it by private message to me — to see if others can duplicate and resolve the issue.


Hi! Here is the link as you suggested:

Thank You!