Truncated zero - how to get it back?

Good afternoon! I’m working on gmail automation and inserting $ amount fields into the content of my message. I’m using the following formula and noticed that the trailing zero is missing for an amount: CONCATENATE(‘$’& ROUND({Daily Rental Fee},2))

Missing zero:

How can I get the zero to appear?

Hi @Nedra_Hines, that’s how Airtable behaves in these cases. You can use the following formula on your formula field to add a 0 if truncated:

IF(Formula, Formula & IF(FIND(".", Formula & "") = LEN(Formula & "") - 1, "0"))

(this has been part of an older thread and kudos to @Justin_Barrett for the solution! Missing zero in currency data)


Thank you so much!!! It worked!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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