Trying to count number of assigned cards in linked table

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I looked through several threads that were also trying to find COUNTIF workarounds, but none really matched the use case I have, so I’m hoping to find some help.

We use Airtable to manage a large editorial team and content calendar. We have our main editorial table with our content roadmap and weekly assignments. My colleague who manages our freelance writer network has created a separate table with information about all of our freelancers including their names, contact info, assignment capacity, area of expertise, etc.

She is wanting to find a way to count all active assignments assigned to a particular freelancer and pull that number from our main editorial table into her freelancer table. Is this possible?

I can easily find the assignment count of each freelancer within our main editorial board, but can’t figure out a way to get that count to show up on the other table. Right now she is manually counting and putting that number in there as plain text. I’m attaching screenshots for better visualization.

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You will need to manually link the freelancer to all of her assignments by creating a “linked record” field.

Currently, you are using a single-select field in the assignments table. You will need to change that to a linked record field (and you can do this from either the assignments table or the freelancer table).

Then, you can create a “Count” field to count the number of linked assignments, and you can add a condition to only count assignments that are designated as “Active”.

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