Trying to Create View from Random Subjects



I want to know if there is a way to set up a view using no particular subject, but just by a group of random numbers as criteria.

I will explain:

I created a base for my postage stamps. What I would like to do is set up a view, if that works, of random stamps, no particular subject matter (the key field has numbers/letters which are never the same), but they are random also.

I use some of the stamps for mailing parcels and I would like to have the recepient to be able to click on one link in an email, that I will provide them, so they are able to see the records of the stamps that I used, and get more information on each of the stamps. I will probably use anywhere from 10 to 20 stamps, per parcel. I will be doing this for up to 20 parcels, to different people. I am hoping I can do this and that it’s not too complicated, since this is a bit new for me, especially if is’s formulas.

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I think there are a couple approaches you could take here, if I understand you correctly.

One approach would be to create a new Multi Select field where you can mark which stamps got put on which packages.

| Stamp | Package |

| Stamp1 | Package1, Package2 |
| Stamp2 | Package2, Package3 |
| Stamp3 | Package4 |

Then you can filter by the “Package” field to create your views.

The friend who was sent Package3 will get a link to the “Package3” view, which is filtered to show only Stamps that have “Package3” in the Package field, etc.

Another approach is to simply reference each stamp used on a package in the filter for a particular view. A friend who receives a package will receive a link to a view where you filtered to show only the Stamps they received, chained by “OR” statements to make sure they all show up.


Hi Jeremy Oglesby

Thank you for your reply. I will certainly go through the information that you were able to provide. It seems that there might be a good solution for how to set up views/links to the stamps used for the parcels.

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Hi Jeremy_Oglesby

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I tried out the second option and it was exactly what I wanted.

The first option was good too, but I already have a multi-select field and I don’t want to confuse things to much. Although, I will keep it in mind, for future use.

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