Trying to date-order an array being rolled-up from a date field


Me again, still working on same database as Going mad trying to avoid duplicates with ARRAYUNIQUE.

I’m trying to create a field that shows a date-ordered list of unique dates on which the items on the table are listed in a linked table.

The rollup (or a lookup) works fine, and ARRAYUNIQUE() is doing its thing, however the result is a slightly strange, non-sequential order which I think might be related to the creation time of each record.

Has anyone got any bright ideas of a workaround that might let me sort this into a sensible order?



@Ed_Moore, I just ran into the same issue with concatenated results in a roll-up. The results appear to be ordered by record creation. I need them to be alphanumerically sorted, as I’m using the rollup field in the “Page Designer” block to produce a list.

Anyone have a solution?



Today I ran into the same problem. I think it is related to entry order, and that really messes up the whole idea of the rollup for me.
Anyone ideas to help out?


Also interested in this!