Trying to do my fist basic automation. Set status of record when created


Apologies for posting such a basic question but I’ve read and tried but just can’t figure this out.

My requirement is simple. When a new record is created, I need to have an automation that sets a dropdown field to a value. The field is called “Review” and the value need to be set to ‘needs review’.

Here is a screenshot of where I’ve got to so far but not sure what I’m meant to add in the fields section? Can someone help?


Welcome to the community, @Alan_Connor!

In the “Review” box, delete what you have there and type “Needs Review”.

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Thanks Scott, much appreciated. I’ll do that.

Just as a final check, I take it typing is the only option? The field is a dropdown with a few different options, but does Airtable not allow you to just select the option that you want inserted?

Thanks again.


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Unfortunately, the dropdown list is not available in automations.

Typing is not the only option, but it’s what you will need in your scenario.


Perfect, thanks again Scott.