Trying to get a URL from the REF attribute of a link button on LinkedIn

I’m trying to use the web clipper app to get the company URL from the button “VISIT WEBSITE” on any LinkedIn company’s profile, and I just can’t seem to figure it out how…

I already manage to get the “VISIT WEBSITE” text using the “Text content by CSS Selector” option, but when I try to use de “HTML attribute by CSS selector” option (using the ref attribute), I get nothing in return.

If someone can show me what am I missing, or konws about a workaround to solve this, I’d really appreciate it.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m doing (without success), de CSS Selector works to get the text “Visit website” though. And I also used the selector “#ember356” with the same results (works with “Text content by CSS Selector” but doesn’t with “HTML attribute by CSS selector”).

Thanks in advanced!

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