Trying to write a function that combines IF, OR, and SEARCH


Here’s my situation:

TL;DR, I can’t figure out how to do text search functions with OR/AND operators without breaking the function. I can see here that it’s possible with multi-select and exact results, but I can’t find a way to do rough search Creating Filters - And - Or

I have a database full of people with relatively complex and varied job titles.
I need to categorize those somewhat methodically and en masse with a “Job Category” field.
The batch edit block is amazing, but is only useful if I can fully clear any unintended.

Let’s say I need to lookup all Data Engineers (Keywords: ETL, Hadoop, Data Engineer, BI, etc. . . ) and designate them broadly as “Data Engineers” in a Job Category multi-picker column.
*within that lookup, I need to then designate all Data engineering Management (Keywords: VP, Manager, Director, Lead, Chief, etc.) without just pasting over, but adding a second multi-select of “Data Engineering Management” (something batch edit is quite well suited for)

This is a long enough process that It’d be insane to filter one by one such as “Data Engineer” AND “Manager” > Batch edit, “Data Engineer” AND VP > Batch Edit

Because I can’t stack filters or mix And/Or, what I need to be able to do is create formula columns that Combine IF, OR, and SEARCH, but am kind of at a loss. Help? :slight_smile:

From there, I’d ideally be able to filter by something like DataEngineerSearch=“True” AND ManagementSearch=“True”

Also let me know if there’s something I’m missing that would be a much simpler solution. I was toying with the idea of linking to a new table and creating a series of lookups on filtered views, but that felt a bit overkill. Thankfully this isn’t a solution I need to work with long-term, but one that will kind of render itself useless once all of my contacts are properly categorized.



Ah, I wish I had the ability to delete this…
I realized my solution is IF(OR(FIND(),FIND(),FIND()),“True”) in case it helps anyone else :slight_smile: