Turn off creating row by clicking anywhere

Creating records should be a purposeful thing. Auto creating a record by clicking below a record rather than only when clicking the + is annoying and leads to lots of blank records. Please allow to turn this off.


I agree that this would be a valuable feature to have. I like the ability to click into an empty row beneath our current data, BUT I don’t think that the empty row should actually turn into a new record until we actually start typing in some data.

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I am annoyed by this behavior too. Zapier currently sends me an email when a new record is created in a table. If the collaborator adds a blank row by accident, I get a notification email for nothing. The ability to create a new record by ONLY clicking on the + button would fix this. - This could be an optional behavior.

Wow, I didn’t even think of that. That would be really annoying if you have a Zapier or Integromat automation set to trigger with every new record created.