Turning Airtable into Web App


I’m more so looking to turn an Airtable base into a web app. Which tech stack or way would be best to achieve that? What maps most precisely to Airtable?

You might be asking why not just use Airtable as is, but it’s not really scalable or sufficient to be used with many users that want to customize the data and functions based on their needs.

Are there examples of this? Has anyone achieved it? Airtable could also just serve as a simple sketch of the web app’s database and server side programming, while the frontend is still the missing part.

Happy to hear from you.

Asked and answered - Airportal.

Indeed. There are many aspects of Airtable that make it a poor choice as a web app backend. The API induces many constraints that the current UI isn’t constrained by. But if you know this, why do you believe that scalability and other issues can be overcome by simply building a different web veneer?

I agree, those issues are likely not going to be solved by simply building a different web veneer. The idea would be to rebuild an Airtable base on a scalable tech stack. Thank you for the Airportal suggestion - something like that should turn it into a shareable web app but will lack customization and scalability when still powered by Airtable in the backend.
Maybe I’m more looking for people who have used Airtable as a sort of sketch of their app and have seamlessly turned it into a working web app before.
I love using Airtable to quickly turn my ideas into a working solution, but I haven’t gone much farther than that.

Hey Jan,

I can surely assist you for your requirement. Kindly reach me via mail for further discussion.
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Don’t be so quick to jettison the Airportal architecture. One aspect of a more advance method to host web apps on any back end – even platforms that are not designed to be backend technologies – centers on the data caching approach used, and Airportal has addressed this in some ways. They had to, otherwise, they would be unable to provide a useful platform.

Ah, make a better Airtable. Well, there’s no shortage of teams attempting exactly that. :wink:

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Thanks for the praise here @Bill.French! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

@Jan_Weinland I’m one of the people behind Airportal. I think we are really trying to solve the problem that you have presented in this thread. We know we aren’t there yet with the amount your can customize the app you build with Airportal but we had to start somewhere… and we’re accelerating towards more and more customization.

Sign up here if you’d like to try it out (https://airportal.app) and let me know if I can help you out getting setup.


HI. You can use Bubble.is to create any application using Airtable as a backend.
But using Airtable as a backend is not always a good idea, becouse of it’s API restrictions.
One way to handle that in Bubble for example, is to create duplicate tables in bubbles, then sync it with Airtable on a time and quota basis. But you’ll need that mostly only if you have really much users and they make much requests to Airtable API.
I’m going to create a vew videos about Airtable automations.
If there is a big interest, I can make a small video how to create a custom app with airtable backend in bubble.is


Yes. I’d love to see a Bubble app integrating with Airtable for the backend.

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Hi @Burner918

I believe that Integromat has a Bubble app. I just don’t know all the details, but there is a Facebook page for all things Integromat.

Hope it helps.

Mary K

Would love to see that video!