TV/Film Call Sheet Page Design


I’ve created a database that essentially allows me to create a call sheet (sample here) using the page design app.

I currently have two tables:

  1. Call sheet table - lists the date as the main column. For each date, I have information such as the location, linked crew member, status etc.

  2. Crew table - this table lists each person’s name in the main column. There’s a linked record to the dates they’re working in the call sheet table, their email, cell, and role. I’d also like to add a column for the call time, but that will vary based on the date. On Tuesday their call time might be 9:00am but on Wednesday it’s 8:30am.

Since each crew member in linked to several call sheet dates, one person may be linked to 2-4 different days of work on set. The time that people need to report to set each day varies.

I’m trying to figure out a way, in the crew tab, to assign a call time for each person for each shoot day that they are assigned.

Would you be able to assist?

I then take all this information and pull it into the page designer app to build a call sheet with each crew member for that day and their corresponding call time.

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