Two forms combined in one base

Hello all! I’m new to both Airtable and Typeform and need your help.

I’d like to combine responses from two differents forms from Typeform in the same Airtable base. The fields in both forms are the same, the difference being just the form language. I’m trying to avoid creating separated bases, since the data from both forms are similar. Is that possible?

[edit] I tried to connect but multiple choice fields are not accepted because field content doesn’t match. Someone could help me with a workaroud, please?

I have this same question as Paulo. What’s the most efficient way of getting an answer to this? Please keep me in the loop if you find and answer @Paulo_Humemoto !

Hi @Paulo_Humemoto and @Pauliina_Myllyntaus and welcome to the community!

Did you have a chance to read this support article about this topic?

Ok thanks! We already came up with a workaround for the problem, but I’ll check out this resource.

Thanks for your input @Databaser!
It looks like Multy-source syncing can solve the problem, but I’ll need to upgrade first in order to test it.

@Pauliina_Myllyntaus would you mind to share the workaround you found? I tryied putting Zapier as a middleman, but Zapier is pretty unstable.

Hi! So in our case we wanted to add an English form to lead to the same base as the original French form, and for now we’re going with the very simple (and a bit hacky) solution of asking the respondent to confirm the language (français vs. English), this allowed us to create conditions that lead the respondent to follow either an English or French track and be shown in the correct view.

And we might also redo the forms at some point (maybe also switch from Airtable forms to Typeform forms) and might introduce a more sophisticated solution then, if, of course our Airtable plan allows it :smiley:

I hope this helps!

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