Two tables. Finding the primary field related to the lowest amount within a category

Hi there,

So I am getting proposals from companies for tasks that are in another table. I am able to return the lowest price using the rollup Min(Values) but on another column I want to relate that lowest value to the sub that provided the lowest price. Any ideas?

Hi everyone, I solved it incase you have this same problem.

On table 1, I did a rollup of all the proposals received. Then I created a field column finding the min(values) of those rolled up proposals. I then went to Table 2 and created a lookup column of the min(values) from table 1. I then created a formula field to if(price=lowestprice,company,blank()). This returned the companies name which I then was able to lookup on table 1.


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Glad that you were able to solve the problem! For future reference, the final item in an IF function automatically defaults to BLANK() (or its equivalent) if omitted, so the following would also work:

IF(price=lowestprice, company)
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