Type entry if Lookup Field is Blank

I have a table (Donation Levels) that lists donor levels: Column A lists the level ( ie: Patron, Benefactor, etc). Column B lists the dollar amount of each level ( ie $250 for Patron, $500 for Benefactor, etc) In our Donor Records table I have a lookup field for the Donor Level that pulls from Col. A, and then automatically populates the Donation Amount by pulling from Col. B. So each time I record a donation, I enter someone’s name, pick the Donation Level and then the amount fills automatically. However, we also have the option for someone to donate an amount that is not listed. If I choose “Other Amount” from Col. A, then of course the Amount that is pulled from Col. B is blank. So what I would love to do, in that case, is to type in the amount. Is this possible?

Add a new currency field to the table where you can type in custom values. Then add a formula field that does this:

IF({currency field name}, {currency field name}, {lookup field name})

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