Type of field showing or NOT in views


What do you thing about making the Field Type Symbol Optional in views (A, $, …).
The benefit i see is polishing the UI for non geeks users and gain some pixels in the header for all of us.



This issue has been debated before. Considering where some of the push-back comes from, I suspect you may be facing an uphill battle, but make sure you reply to the the following thread as well to make certain your vote is counted:


Oups, message deleted… Sorry


Thanks W_Vann_Hall, i didn’t find the old post. I understand that the debate ended on a 50-50 pro and cons. In this case, a good solution could be " MAKE IT OPTIONAL ". After all, most of the time, developers are technically responsible for the app they put in the hands of users, the platform editor are not.

It would be so easy to teach this optional flexible functionality.

But ok, i can live without it.


Hey, I agree with you — back when I had developers or development teams reporting to me, I was a royal pain about flexibility, configurability, and, above all, user- and process-driven design. (Of course, I was typically part of a cost center, rather than a profit center, so I had to pay for my development with measurable productivity increases or committed reductions to incremental headcount; I couldn’t convene a few focus groups and magic up numbers showing if we rewrote our application using the latest window manager we would sell XX% more and be able to charge a premium of $YYY. But I digress.)

I was merely commenting on Howie’s involvement in the discussion. I’m not familiar enough with Airtable to know how design decisions are made and how much or how little executive thumb comes to rest of the scale. From what I’ve read over the years, though, it would appear the CEO has played a central role throughout in defining both the vision and its execution. Whether that means he’s fibre-channel connected to the Zeitgeist or in the back room stuffing the ballot box, I suspect the safe money is to follow his lead. :slight_smile: