Typeform Hidden Fields?


Is it possible to use Typeform’s hidden fields to populate information into the survey from records in Airtable? https://www.typeform.com/help/what-are-hidden-fields/

If so, what is the best practice to do this?



I’ve done similar things with other form packages (including Airtable forms) by using a formula field to build the URL - here’s a formula for a Cognito form, as an example:

https://www.cognitoforms.com/KirknessAssociatesSoftware/xxxForm?entry={“TheClient”:"” &
SUBSTITUTE(Client, " ", “%20”) & “%22,%22AirtableID%22:%22” & RECORD_ID() & “%22,%22FirstName%22:%22” & SUBSTITUTE({First Name}, " ", “%20”) & “%22,%22LastName%22:%22” & SUBSTITUTE({Last Name}, " ", “%20”) & “%22%7D”

Note - the first { should be set up as %7B - this site is reinterpreting it as {

The %XX values are ascii representations of {, }, [space] and "

SUBSTITUTE is replacing spaces with %20

I think the format for Typeform is a bit simpler (not enclosed in curly brackets - %7B and %7D) but I only have a free account so can’t experiment with Hidden fields - which is the only way to pass URL parameters to the form.