UI Component for selecting the Font Style

We’re working on submitting a Team Voting block with a twist. And we noticed that there isn’t any visual controller for editing the fonts within the block (eg. editing the question, and the answers styles).

Is this intentional? Is there a specific style our fonts should adhere to? If so, I’d love to know where we can get this info from, as to submit it pre-configured for this specific font style. Otherwise, end-users won’t be able to change the font. :roll_eyes:

@Michelle_Valentine Would love your input here.

Typically blocks use the system font in order to match the rest of the Airtable UI (this is the default font that’s set in the iframe that the blocks run under).

The only exception to this is for blocks that generate a custom designed output or report (e.g. page designer), in which case the user can pick a font.

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Thanks! We’ll explore doing this.

As blocks will be embeddable by themselves in the future, are there any plans to allow customers to edit the fonts to fit with their branded websites where the block is embedded, instead of keeping the Airtable font style?

It’s an interesting idea, but not something we’ve explored deeply yet.

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Awesome! As embeddable blocks make it out of beta, it will be great to see which controllers make it to production. I’ll leave a list here for some we use with our blocks:

  1. Stepper
  2. URL (& validation)
  3. Slider (& Range Slider between 2 values)
  4. Date & Time (could easily use the one from the fields)
  5. Location (lat & long on a map preview)
  6. Order List (& checkboxes for each item, if one wants to hide any)
  7. Font Style
  8. Rich Text (eg. using markdown)

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