UK date format setup


How do you set it up for everything?



Meaning…what? Your question is unclear. Are you asking how to set date fields to UK date format? Or are you asking about something related to formulas? Something else entirely? “Everything” is a bit too broad.



I think he wants to set up a default format for the account/workspace/base. But that is not possible, I think.



Yes I’d like to be able to do the same.

Airtable defaults all the date fields to US format (MM/DD/YYYY) and it’s kind of confusing for people in other countries that use DD/MM/YYYY, especially when the day of the month is 12 or less. E.g. 3/7/2019 - I read that as 3rd July 2019, but with the US date format it’s the 7th March.

Having a simple way to set the date format would be really, really nice. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find a setting to change it - it’s been pretty common practice in web apps for years to support this.

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