Unable to add space to formula

When trying to do the very simple formula of

CONCATENATE({First Name}& “ “&{Last Name})

it won’t submit, simply saying invalid formula. I have read another thread that said this is what to input to have a space between the two values, and that I also shouldn’t need to use the concatenate prefix, I’ve tried many things and nothing works. Any help?

You don’t actually need CONCATENATE here, although you could use it with commas instead of &'s separating the parts of the string you want to combine.

But a simple {First Name} & " " & {Last Name} should do the trick here. Make sure that the quotation marks are plain text and not formatted as well. Hope that helps.

Ah, it was the quotation marks being plain text!! Not too sure how to do that, but I copied and pasted what you put and it works! Thank you!

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