Unable to restore 4996 deleted records from Base trash (or via Undo)

When trying to restore 4996 deleted records from a single table, we are getting “An error has occurred” message and nothing is restored. Is it because of some Airtable records number restoration limit or what else we can try to make it work? It is essential to restore the original records due to the number of linked/synced tables, bases, apps and everything. Using restoration from a snapshot would be a nightmare.

Thank you for any ideas.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

I recommend contacting support directly with this issue.

I have occasionally gotten similar messages when trying to perform bulk actions in the user interface. Sometimes waiting for a while, then retrying the operation works. Sometimes it does not.

I hope that you are able to recover the records. However if you need to get the data from a snapshot, you could export the data from the snapshot, and then import it into the original base. This may reduce some of the headaches involved in restoring from a snapshot.

In the meantime, you have my sympathy for having to deal with this.

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