Unable to set timezone correctly for TODAY()


Hey guys,

I have a quick question, looks like a straight forward one.

I have a simple {Due Date} field which is of type Date. I’ve created a new field {Due Date?} which simply calculates to {Due Date} if the {Due Date}'s value is present, else calculates to TODAY() if {Due Date} field is empty.

{Due Date?} is a formula field and here’s the formula:-

IF({Due Date} != "", {Due Date}, SET_TIMEZONE(TODAY(), 'America/Los_Angeles'))

However, I am in America/Log_Angeles, time is around 8:30pm on April 10, however, I see field being populated as April 11 which is probably UTC time.

What am I doing wrong?



When making a formula field that returns a date, Airtable sometimes assumes that you want GMT. Check the Formatting tab when editing the formula field details, and you might see the GMT option switched on.

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Thank you @Justin_Barrett, that was indeed the case.