Unable to Sort Manually in Calendar View


I don’t have any times associated with my records, only dates, and I can sort them manually in all views except the Calendar view. I don’t have any pre-sorting turned on. What am I doing wrong/overlooking?

Thanks for your assistance!

You’re not overlooking anything. Airtable doesn’t allow for manual rearranging of items in a calendar view.

As far as I can tell, when a date field is used without the time option active, Airtable orders records on the calendar in the order that the records were created. Once you turn on the time option for your driving date field, that time then controls calendar display order…unless two records share the same time, in which case Airtable appears to stick with record creation time to control the order. (I haven’t run an exhaustive test of these ordering theories, but this feels right based on some quick tests.)

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Thanks, @Justin_Barrett!