Unable to work out formula for outstanding balance?



Trying to make my business Airtable more productive by listing my outstanding balances on quotes for my customers.

I have several tabs: Job Total, outstanding balance, deposit, 2nd Payment, Final payment. I also have a checkbox for each of these other than total, which then fills in the payment made as a percentage of the total. Ie 30, 60% 10%. This allows me to see how much is outstanding, and what is still owed. Ie: Job total less deposits paid if checked. That all works fine, as I have used the formula for a outstanding balance field as Total - ({Deposit Paid} + {2nd Payment} + {Final Payment}).

Here my problem, I also have some invoices which are 50/50 deposits only. I’ve created a checkbox for this and need the formula in the outstanding balance field to refect if the 50/50 checkbox is checked then the outstanding total will only be Job Total divided by 2.

I realise this is more than simple but can’t manage to get the formulas to work correctly.

Many thanks in advance


Assuming checkbox is called 50/50 deposits, and your previous outstanding balance formula is correct:

IF({50/50 deposits}=1,Total/2,Total - ({Deposit Paid} + {2nd Payment} + {Final Payment}))


Many Thanks David, I was missing a , in my previous attempts, but thank you for your prompt resp[once… :slight_smile: