Undo buttons, anyone?

Where is the “undo” button? I don’t always do everything right. Of course, there should also be a redo function, as well.


Ctrl-Z and also Ctrl-Y for redo on a PC, Command-Z and Command-Y on a Mac. :slight_smile:


That did not work for me.

Could you please provide more details about the exact series of steps you performed?

One thing to keep in mind is that Airtable also includes things like adjusting field with as part of its undo queue. If you made a change to the content of a field, then did some field width adjustments or certain other UI tweaks, the undoing of the field change will take a few steps to get to.

It’s also worth noting that Airtable often saves changes in small increments. If you typed some text into a field, it will take several undo steps to remove the entire text.