Undo deletion of a table

Is it possible to undo a “delete table” action? I carelessly deleted a table when I was playing around with the form design. I thought I can undo this action, but the “History” records actions on table-base. When I clicked “undo”, it only undo the last action of that table, not the whole base.

Is there a way to recover the table? (Snapshot was taken twelve hours ago.)

BTW, the table I deleted was an empty one. No valuables lost. However, I would like to know the way to recover my table if I do the same thing next time.


Right now it is not possible (sorry!). This is because “undo” (ctrl/cmd+z) is scoped to the current table, and we have yet to build a UI to enable undeleting teams/bases/tables. In the meantime, if you ever accidentally delete a table, you can contact Airtable support to undelete it for you.

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Thanks Emmett!! Good to know that good changes are coming.

Has there been an update to this feature? I’ve been trying to reach AirTable support about accidentally deleting a mass amount of rows and would need to undo this.


I’m looking for an update on this as well. Just unintentionally deleted the entire team which apparently deletes all of your bases. Every. Single. One. (Not team members, which is what we were trying to do.)

Hi Kelly, if you email support@airtable.com we can restore your team for you.

Hi I accidentally deleted a table on my database, please help me recover that data urgently. Is there a way on the airtable to do it by myself?

Please email support@airtable.com for assistance with restoring your table


I already did that, but need the table asap please. It is Anna Database.


I have the same problem and I was excited about using the format. Any help would be helpful.

We recently released a trash feature that will allow you to restore items you’ve deleted in the past week. Learn more about it here.


How do you undo accidental pasting which has replaced the table? Edit undo is not working, and I have no way of recovering the deleted work (trash feature does not apply).

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