Unique Single Select Status on a Dataview/Table

We use Airtable for Work in Progress at our golf cart repair shop. We have numbered cones that we physically put on customer carts in for repair. My goal is to limit the number of units that come in for service to 20 units.

I want to create a field on the service table that corresponds to the numbered cones. So I would match a service ID to a cone number.

Ideally, I would like to use a single select and once I assign “1”, I would like that option to be unavailable for the other records on that table. Right now single select will allow me to keep selecting “1” for all of the records on that table. I also tried setting up the cones a separate table and using a linked field. That didn’t work either.

Open to any suggestions! Thank you in advance!

Hi @Nick_Rotundo
Here is an idea.

  1. Have a table of Carts
  2. Have a table of Cones (1-20)
  3. In the Carts table add a field that is Link to another record: Cones
  4. In the Cones table, create a view “Available cones” with a filter: Where the new linked Carts field is empty
  5. Then edit the field from Step 3 to Limit the record selection to a view: Available cones

I am assuming once the repair is complete the Cone comes off the Cart and is reentered into the pool.


This worked great! Thanks for your insight

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