Unique vales from Lookups

I have a BASE with an Events Table, a related Contacts Table (One to many), a Schools table related to the Contacts, and a Groups table. related to an event where a group can be associated with multiple Events.

In the Groups Table, I have a lookup that finds all the Contacts from all Events related to the group and another lookup that finds the School related to the contacts that show up in the first lookup.

Because the same people attend multiple Events related to the group, the result in both lookups have duplicate values.

My goal is 2 field that only shows the unique values present in each lookup. (Unique Schools and Unique Students) related to a group.

I looked at using UniqueArray but couldn’t get the desired result and am looking for any Step by Step help that you can provide.

Try using ARRAYUNIQUE(values) in a rollup field instead of a lookup field.

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