Universal Tags fields


i create weekly task table for my activities, but adding tags with multi select is slow,

it will be faster if there are tags fields that i can type it once in a place and use it in each column instead of using multi select and retyping the tags for each column fields


This would be extremely helpful. I’d like to just type into the field with a delimiter, and change the visualization to the current multi-select visualization or to another delimiter in the UI. I see how this can currently be accomplished by switching between single-line and multi-select formats, but ultimately it would make the most sense for there to be an input/visualization format that doesn’t convert the data, but does offer flexibility in how it is input and visualized. Maybe specifically a “tag” cell type.


I’d also love to see a tag field type

  • 1! Really want to be able to tag long-input text that makes it searchable by tag! Airtable team, is this on your roadmap? :slight_smile:


I Agree that tags cell type would be helpful, as would a way to group by tag. Currently sorting using ‘Group’ for multi-select field type is cumbersome, and there’s not other way to display by individual tags. Looking for more functionality around tags.


Any update on universal CSV tagging feature? Would be very helpful