Update a field with all records from a separate table that meet the criteria of another field's value

Hello AirTable Community! I’ve been wracking my brain for hours now so thought I’d see if I could get some infusion of help from the group at large.

Basically, I have a base with with a table called “Categories” in it that has 13 different product categories as the name field. I have a second table (in the same base) that has a full list of product names with their associated category. I would like to lookup from the “Categories” table and pull into one field all the product names that are in that category. This sounds weird ( I think? ) but it’s my current solution to an Airtable to Webflow collections sync so that I can have a category collection that still allows me to access product information, if that makes sense.

I’ve been successful in linking the tables but this would require me to go through and individually select each item (like tagging?) which is cumbersome, ripe for error, and annoying because the second table will update relatively frequently with new product values in the categories.

Is this a hopeless exercise?


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Have you tried just converting the {Categories} field in your Products table into a Link field? For any product that already has a category filled in, this will complete the link for you and create the corresponding {Products} field in the Categories table.

If changing the field type isn’t viable, then create a new Link field called {Categories Link} and copy and paste the whole column at once.

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Worked like a charm… thanks for answering the question. That taught me a lot in one post.

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