Update a new record with PDF of the submission?

Hello! Here is the current situation:

  • There is a JotForm used to collect submissions. Each submission will generate a PDF of the submission.

  • My JotForm is also integrated with Airtable. Each submission in JotForm will generate a new record in Airtable.

  • I have an integration with JotForm and Google Drive. Each submission made in JotForm will generate a folder in Google Drive which will contain all attachments as well as the PDF.

I would like to have the PDF added to an Attachments column in Airtable. Is something like this possible? Or would I have to manually upload the documents myself for each record?

Yes, this is possible in a number of ways. I would check out Integromat - they may have an attachment upload recipe already made. @ScottWorld certainly knows. You can also use the Airtable API in Google Apps Script and possibly script automations to do this.


Yes, as @Bill.French said, you could definitely solve this by tapping into Airtable’s API, or you can take the no-code approach by using my favorite automation platform, Integromat.

Zapier is another very popular no-code platform that can do this too, but the problem with Zapier is that it’s significantly more limited than Integromat in terms of its features, and it doesn’t have full Airtable support. Integromat has full Airtable support. The advantage of Zapier is that it currently supports more apps that are a little more obscure, such as Clio Legal Software (which is just a random example that popped into my head).

Also, if you have a budget for this project, I am available for hire to help with this. I am a professional Airtable consultant and a Registered Integromat Partner. (Note that whenever I post my Integromat link, it contains my personal referral code.)

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