Update a record when receiving information in another table

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I’m hoping someone could help me out there with an automation issue. So here it is :

  1. I’m recruting people. So I manually create a new record in a TABLE A. This record contains several information : email, name, contact date… I’ve also created a “single select field” called “Document received ?”. The choice is between YES or NO.

  2. An Airtable form is sent to the candidate. It helps me gathering datas such as : ID Card, Licence driving, email, phone number, etc… Then, the form appears in a view : in a TABLE B.

Here is the problem : When a new form is received in TABLE B, I want to automatically update the record that matches the name (or the email) of the candidate in TABLE A. So I want the field “Document received ?” to automatically turn “YES”.

PS : I’ve created a “LINK TO” field in table A and an automation that works. BUT I have to manually update the field before the automation runs. Otherwise I receive an email that alerts me about an automation error.

Do you have any ideas about how I can solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hi Dorian,

  1. Create new automation Trigger “When a record is Created” and choose in TABLE B

  2. Create 2 actions the first is “Find Records” and choose in TABLE A condition where “Name” contains “Record(Steup1:Trigger) … Name”

  • To to step number 2 press on the settings icon in the box after contains and select dynamic input then the plus sign then Record(from step1:When a record is created) then choose Name
  1. Create the second action “Update Record” and choose in TABLE A, in Record ID choose Records (Step2: find records) Records List of ‘Records ID’ finally in Fields select Documents Received and type yes in the options box

Hope this does it, best of Luck

Hi Hossam !

Thanks a lot, it works perfectly !! Huge thanks again :pray:

Hi Dorian,

You are more than welcomed.

Best Regards :slight_smile:

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