Update a Record with Zapier and Webooks


So, I know enough to ask this question, but not enough to know if it’s possible or even makes sense. So I’m hoping someone can set me straight.

Use Case
I’m creating task lists on a company intranet with embedded tables. I want my employees to be able to mark the task done without logging into airtable and editing it directly. I know there are some ways to use external forms like Typeform and zapier to update a record, but is there a way to use a URL/Webhooks to trigger a zap to update a record.

For example, could I create a URL formula that when clicked, would trigger a zap and pass the record ID so that it updates that specific record check box to “done”?

Is this possible or am I thinking of this Webhook thing all wrong?


About an hour after making this post, I somehow fumbled my way through creating a Zap using Zapier webhooks that will update a checkbox for a specific record when it’s clicked and update the date of when it was checked. All with a single URL click.