Update a single select field via a Airtable Automation

Hi there,
I’m read lots of topics here on updating single select fields in Airtable, but none through Airtable Automations.
My input is a formula that generates a status (UPCOMING, IN PROGRESS, SENT) and the desired output is to copy this value in a single select field (UPCOMING, IN PROGRESS, SENT).
I’ve tried to run this via Airtable Automations with different triggers (When a record matches condition, when a record is created and when a record is updated) but none seems to work effectively even though the run history tells me the run was successful.
Seems fairly easy and yet do not understand what does not work in my automation.
Anyone out there has already done this?

Hi @oceanseleven11 and welcome to the community!

Your flow should run fine. Could you add some screenshots from your automation please?

Hi @Databaser and thanks for your reply!
Yes here you go!
Don’t hesitate to ask me any question to figure out what’s not working!

Somehow I managed to make the automation work with a “when a record is updated” trigger but the problem is that it won’t update the stock record unless those records are actually modified…

Hmm, that’s odd. Should work fine with the “machtes conditions” trigger. Let’s see if someone else can figure it out :man_shrugging:

The problem is you are expecting the Automation to go and find records which already meet the set conditions. Automations only run when the “thing in question” changes to meet the conditions. Since in your demo video (a) you were running a test therefore only the test record would have been updated anyway, and (b) all the records you were gesturing toward already met the conditions before the automation was turned on, that is why nothing in your data changed.

Ergo, your original setup was working exactly as it technically should. Your trigger should probably instead look for confirmation that {Statut} does not equal {Status in single select field}. You can’t directly check for that within the Automation, so consider a formula field with this formula:

      {Statut} != {Status in single select field},
         FIND("IN PROGRESS", {Statut}),
         FIND("UPCOMING", {Statut}),
         FIND("SENT", {Statut})
  1. Add a field that is a single line text field.
  2. Adjust the trigger of your existing Automation to run when the new field equals “true” or add a new automation triggered for “when record matches conditions”, the condition being the single line text field is “true”.
  3. Make sure the Automation is on.
  4. Convert the single line text field into a formula field using the formula above.

The above method will force the Automation to run for your currently mismatched statuses.


Hi @Kamille_Parks, thanks for your very clear & creative answer!
I do understand now better how automations work :wink:
Thanks again and have a nice day!

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