Update ALL records from a linked table


My setup is : two tables
fisrt is made with my participants
second is made of my categories (event A, event B,…)
I am looking for updating the number of participants recorded in my first table in each event that are in my second table. So far, I could compute the total number of participant by event in table 2, but I cannot find out how to update this calculation while a new record is occuring. Because automation Update record replace the value : it seems impossible to append a record, nor to use a variable like “ALL RECORDS” (for example).
How can I manage this issue ?
Thank you !

This issue seems to be very close to this post which is so far unsolved …

Can’t you just use a Count field in the [Events] table to get the number of linked participants?

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Well, yes :slight_smile:
I did not at first cause I was interested by forms where you can have a multiple select field instead of a link field, but ok !
Thank you and see you soon !

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