Update all yesterday tasks to today

I am building a simple daily task management automation. I want any task that was not Done to be forwarded to the next day at 3AM so when I start work I have all uncompleted tasks automatically in today’s task list. So far…

When records matches conditions
When Date is yesterday
And Status is not Done

Update record
Record ID: Record (step 1 Trigger) | Field values | Date
Fields: Date | Today()
Also tried DATEADD( Date, 1, ‘days’)

Trigger test ran successfiully.
Action test failed “Received invalid inputs.”

Wondering how to do this?
(New to Airtable.)

Do you need an Automation, or could you just use a Formula field? You have a limited number of Automation runs per month, and its best to reduce the number of Automations.

A simple formula could report “today” if the task isn’t “done” or the original date field if it is done:

   {Status} != "Done",
   {Date field}

Filter your “daily task” view to be based on the formula field, and you won’t need an Automation at all.

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