Update an array in Integromat

Hi all,
I need to update an Airtable array field via Integromat.

In Airtable I have multi select field with

  • Project 1
  • Project 2

The scenario update all the people with “Project 1” and there are 3 cases:

  1. If the person in not in “Project 1” nor in “Project 2”, the Array is empty and I have to add “Project 1”

  2. If the person in already in Project 1 the Array contains “Project 1” and I can jump

  3. If the person is in Project 2 the Array contains “Project 2” and I have to add the “Project 1”.

This is the function that I have insert but it does not work…can you help me? thank you very much!

{{if(contains(Array; “Project 1”) = true; ; add(Array; “Project”))}}

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