Update date column based on single select value

In my base , I have contract end date column and status column which many values such as active, progress, inactive, done, started, not started yet.
when status changed from only these active, progress, started to done contract date should fill-up automatically.

Is this possible. If so, please help me.

Hi @Mohsin_Raza
One way that you could do this is with an Automation.

Add a new field that is type Last Modified Time and set it to only watch the Status field.

Create an Automation
Trigger: When a record is updated > The new Last Modified Time
Then use the conditional actions to Update the Date field with the date from Last Modified Time.

Thanks, Is there any other approach which makes more sense.

Hi @Mohsin_Raza
My apologies, did my post not make sense in how to do it or was I incorrect on my approach (I would like to learn if that is the case).
If I was unclear I am happy to explain in more detail.

Absolutely solution given by you is right. I was just looking an alternative.
Thanks Again

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