Update multiple records


*Update multiple records
I can’t believe I couldn’t find someone else who had requested this, so I’m afraid that the feature already exists and I can’t find it, or I’m lousy at searching.

It’s common in a database to “update x=y where a=b” to change data in multiple records at once. It would be great to do this through an update all records shown in a filter view. Is this too complicated to do in this type of interface? Or is it already possible?


You can do that by filtering with a view, selecting all values in a column and pasting a new value.


I was having the same problem earlier in my “Single Select” field! Thanks to Alexander’s reply, I tried copy pasting the option i chose and it worked, yey! I didn’t need to filter though. Nonetheless, thanks! It’s a huge help. :grinning:


I don’t want to overwrite multiple records, just add a new value (specifically a new linked value) to multiple records at once instead of having to update them one at a time.


Hi Christian. Did you figure out how to do that? I have the same issue >> I need to add a linked value to multiple records. All of them have some linked value already. https://cl.ly/3k2B1X121E22

Is there any way to do that, besides copy/paste?