Update multiple rows (contracts and lines scenario)

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that I’m hoping someone can help with please.

The problem

I have a database for a Daycare Center. In the base I have a table called contracts that has a list of contracts with the Primary field being a formula concatenating 2 or more fields. There is a from and to contract date that specifies when the children attend during a term.

I have a bookings table that contains a row for everyday between those dates. So, 1 contract row maybe related to 100 booking rows.

If a parent cancels the contract I need to be able to change the status of the contract row to “Canceled” and then somehow update all the rows in the bookings table to reflect that status.

These table are not linked but do share a common field (i.e contract.SYS_UniqueID = bookings.Sys_ContractID) however, these are not the primary fields.

I wanted to use zapier to update all the rows but it will only work on 1 row (Can’t bulk update) What are my options please?


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