Update multiple rows of a linked record column at a time?


I have a table of “People” and a table of “Events” that they can attend. In the People table I have a column that is linked to Events that shows what events they’ve attended; and likewise I have a column in Events that is linked to people.
Now I also have a new excel sheet of people who registered for an upcoming event. Some already exist in the base, some are new additions. How should I go about linking people to the new event without manually going through and adding the linked record to each person?
There’s no way I can think of to sort the current table of people to just show who is registered for the new event. Even if I did manage to filter it out to just the right people, how would I add a new linked record to their events without manually doing it for every person?


If I understand the question correctly, you should be able to simply copy/paste the people from your Excel sheet into the people column of your Events table.

Where the people names in your Excel sheet match existing records in your People table, the paste will complete the link. Where there’s no match, you’ll get a blank.

I suggest creating a temporary text field to the right of your people field in the Events table. Paste everything in there first; then paste again in your people field. Where you see blanks, then you just copy from right to left and create a new linked record.