Update Multiple Select Field Values in a record


I’m trying to build a script that updates a multiple select field from one option “option1 / option2 / option3” into multiple options after I map through the string to make each word an individual option.



 option a : "option1 / option2 / option3"


  option A: option1
  option B: option2
  option C: option3

Any ideas on how this could be done?

Add this to your script to make separate the combined select value

let initial = something \\ should be a string that follows the format "option1 / option2 / option3"
let separated = initial.split(" / ").map(option => (return {name: option}))

Then you can update the record like normal using the separated value for the multiple select field.

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can you explain this for a newbie? with an example of the script and where to put it?