Update Outlook Event returns "timeZone" error

Hello community! I am using an automation that triggers when an Airtable field is updated. The action is to update attendees field in an Outlook calendar but testing returns an error of ‘Cannot read property “timeZone” of undefined’. See image for what this looks like.

Am I about to fall down the rabbit hole that is time zones in Airtable? Or am I just missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @Matthew_Chattwood!

May I ask what the failed test log looks like? Do you have at least one event in your Outlook calendar to try and update?

A screenshot would be amazing (no problem if you’d rather DM it to me too). I’m essentially wondering if the automation is failing because it isn’t returning an Outlook event to update (hence “undefined”). If not we can dive deeper into debugging what might be the problem!

Hi @Rose_K - thanks for your response. You were right - I didn’t have a field to record the Outlook event ID. Once I included that and reconfigured the automation a little bit, it started working. Thanks for your help!

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