Update Product Prices


I am trying to create a list of resources (Small Carton, Large Carton etc) with purchase price and purchase date against each product.

I use this data to then allocate resources against each order.

Eg : Order No. 1
Order Date: 1 Jan 2022
Small Carton $5 x Quantity 5 = $ 25
Large Carton $10 x Quantity 1 = $ 10
Total $ 35

Eg : Order No. 2
Order Date: 2 Jan 2022
Small Carton $5 x Quantity 1 = $ 5
Large Carton $10 x Quantity 1 = $ 10
Total $ 15

However on 3rd Jan 2022 the cost of these resources go up

From Small Carton $5 to From Small Carton $6

How can I update these rate change on the table such that all new orders will use the updated rates and older orders rates are not impacted.



The way I have handled this is have a “Current Price” column for your products, then use an automation on new orders to input the current price to a “Price” field in your orders (currency field), so it doesn’t change past orders when you update the current prices. Hope that makes sense.

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