Update Record when date is before today– Not working on existing records, please assist

Hello Community,

I am having an issue with an automation and would love some guidance. The automation is intended as follows (w/ pics below).

Trigger: When Production Status field IS “Scheduled”
AND Review Status field IS “Approved”
AND Publish Date field (actually called Archived Publish Date in my table) IS “before today”

Action: Update records’ Production Status to “Live”

I can see that the tests are working, and the automation triggers when I add a new record meeting the above conditions, but when I run the automation, nothing changes to my existing records meeting those conditions. I was really hoping that it would update all pre-existing “Scheduled” records to “Live” to save time on data entry.

Automations triggered by “when record meets conditions” will only ever trigger for records who began to meet those conditions after the Automation was turned on, as you’ve noticed. You cannot change this behavior.

That being said, all you have to do is turn the Automation on, ‘cut’ the values from the {Production Status} or {Review Pipeline} fields, and ‘paste’ them back in. Your Automation will then fire (several times, once per record edited).


Thanks very much @Kamille_Parks!

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