Update Zapier Zap to Support Line Items


It would be a big help if could update your Zapier Zap to support line items.

It allows Zapier to do something with ALL found records, not just the first found record.
For Each.

Would that be possible?




I second this request. I REALLY need this support. I think it is a small lift for your Dev team to add in the line item support with the Zapier API integration and it would make the product infinitely more useful. I am considering leaving Airtable because of this lack of support as I need to update everything manually because I can not use the Zapier API integrators to take multiple line items from my sales and automatically update my inventory in Airtable because of this limitation…


This has been working well for me for months now. @Fred_Barnes

Though official support would still be much better.


@Philip_Bassham you are the man! Thank you! I’m lieu of Airtable updating their API with Zapier this is super helpful to build out what I need to do. Thank you sir!