Updates to Sync & Automations ✨

Hi all!

I am excited to announce that Airtable recently rolled out powerful new features that let you sync data from outside sources and streamline even the most complex workflows.

We’ve added sync integrations with Jira Server and Jira Data Center, Zendesk, Github Issues, Google Drive, and Box. What does this mean? Teams working on projects with multiple handoffs and interdependencies have better visibility into projects that will affect their work.

Read on to learn more about syncing data from outside sources, and about what’s next in Airtable: automations that help you take actions at the right time and under the right conditions.

Syncing data in Airtable

Here’s a quick refresher on synchronizing data in Airtable. Syncing data, when it’s between two Airtable bases, essentially turns one base into the source of information and another into the destination base. Let’s say one team has generated a complete set of contacts for your company inside a base, and you don’t want other teams creating separate, confusing or duplicative contact lists. Syncing information automatically (or manually, if you prefer) between bases means everyone has access to the same contact list across teams. No matter which base you’re in, you’ll have a single source of truth to refer to.

Syncing from outside sources

The same principle applies when you’re syncing from outside sources (available to Airtable customers on Pro and Enterprise plans). With external source sync, you can continuously pull in data from outside platforms, integrating it directly into your Airtable workflow. This ensures your team is working in an Airtable base that’s always up to date and serves as a centralized place to see progress on all parts of a project.

Strategic automations

Once you’ve built external syncs, how do you take that flow of information to the next level? In the coming months, Airtable will introduce conditional logic for automations that lets you further streamline workflows. With conditional logic, automations can be set in motion when a record in an Airtable base meets certain conditions.

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“In the coming months” is fairly nebulous. Any updates on access to the beta?

Automations can already be set in motion when a record meets certain conditions. My understanding is that conditional logic will let a single automation do different things based on different conditions. For example, not sending an email if no records are found. Or having an automation trigger when a single select is modified, then taking different actions based on the value of the single select.


This link is taking me to https://airtable.com/signup, not a link to a signup for a newsletter.

@kuovonne thank you for point that out - looks like that link got changed :slight_smile:

Loving how well the Google Drive and Box integrations work.

Can we expect a similar native sync integration with DropBox anytime soon?

@Denny Welcome to the community, we are so thrilled that you’re here!

I’m also glad to hear that you’re loving the Google Drive & Box integrations - the Google Drive integration has been a game-changer for me as well.

Awesome feedback on a DropBox integration, we are definitely going to continue to expand the sources you can pull into Airtable so I’ll make sure to pass this along to the team.

@kuovonne you should have access now! :slight_smile:

@Jordan_Scott1 Yes, I did receive access to the beta the day after your original post in this thread! I have also submitted feedback.

How public is this beta? For example, may I post about my experiences using this beta or post videos that involve using the beta? Is there a public form for requesting access to this beta? (Different past betas have had different rules.)

Thanks so much for asking! Right now the team would like to keep content surrounding this beta private as things are still subject to change. That being said, they would LOVE to hear all your feedback and a form should have been included in your welcome email. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jordan_Scott1,
Can I have access to the beta on conditional logic for automations, please ?

I’m curious for user cases (apart from the obvious ones) :thinking: Anyone who wants to share how they are using this in their processes?

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will the limit on # of automations per base be increased along with the new functionality?

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Hi @Jordan_Scott1
Are you able to add me to the beta as well? (logic for automations)

@Traci_Franssen Great question! Nothing to share yet, but this is on our radar so stay tuned for more details!

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@Nicolas_Paris1 Welcome to the Airtable Community! We are thrilled that you’re here.

Can you please DM me your name, email, and organization?


Hey @Zac If you want to send me a DM with your full name, email, and organization I can get that submitted for you :slight_smile:

Hi @Jordan_Scott1 , I’m unable to send you a DM (there’s no option on your profile). Are you able to initiate contact with me?

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Hi @Jordan_Scott1,

I’m unable to send you a DM too. Can you send me the first message please ?

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I think you must send a minimum of 3 posts to be able to send DM’s.

Ok thanks @Databaser