Updating a record in table 1 updates the corresponding record in table "

Hi all - I’m trying to use the new “automations” feature so that I can have one “master” table containing a data set, and then one or more copies of that data in the same base, such that updating a record in the master table makes the corresponding changes in the copy/copies. I can’t seem to work out how to do this. Since you have to specify a record ID in the “action”, I can only set it up so that changing record A, B, C, D, etc in Table 1, updates record A in Table 2. I need to set it so that changing record A in table 1 updates record A in table 2; changing record B in table 1 updates B in table 2, etc. Seems like this must be possible?

You can make changes in multiple tables using a Scripting action.

However, I am curious why you need to store multiple copies of your data in different tables in the same base. Can you link the tables together and pull the data across the tables via lookup fields?

Ideally the tables would be in two separate bases - however, it doesn’t (yet) seem to be possible to use automations to do this, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to do it within the same base. I want to have a background data set this is consistent, but different teams will be accessing and using it for different reasons. The different teams shouldn’t be able to access the full base in either case.

Thanks for the extra information. I certainly understand the desire to have info in a different base.

Currently the only way to update a table in another base from within Airtable is to use the Standard Rest API. You would need to have an automation that runs a scripting action. Then the script would need to access the other base using the Standard API. This requires a solid understanding of how both the Scripting API and the Standard Rest API work. Feel free to send me a direct message if you would like more info on how I can help with this.

@Jonathan_Bradshaw You can very easily automate processes across multiple bases with Integromat.

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