Updating Airtable Table To Show Only Records Returned in Updated API Call

Hello, Airtablers. I have a question regarding using the ‘Data Fetcher’ app to pull in data via API to a table and then updating that data. Basically, when I run the call it brings back the information on ~157 products in the database. We use this data to then sync into Webflow to populate an ecommerce menu. The challenge we have is that the products we have change fairly frequently and we’d like for the product to not show up when it’s no longer available. In Airtable, how could we get records in Airtable to be removed when an updated API call runs and those specific records are no longer returned (because they aren’t available). Any seeds of ideas greatly appreciated.

You can configure Data Fetcher to delete Airtable records that are not returned by the API.

Then, you can use PowerImporter to keep Airtable and Webflow in sync automatically. It will detect which Airtable records were deleted and respectively delete them from Webflow for you.

@JudoHacker Absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much. Worked great.

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